Frequently Asked Questions


How many people in the basket?

We’ll select the appropriate capacity balloon for the number of passengers booked that day. The baskets range in size to accommodate 4-5, 8-10 or 16-20 passengers. Each basket or “gondola” features separated compartments which hold no more than 5 passengers. These baskets are quite roomy with high padded sides to give you a very stable and comfortable experience.

What times do you fly?

Hot Air balloons can only fly when the winds are cool and calm which takes place only in the early morning hours just after dawn. Currently we meet about 6:30 to 7:00 AM and spend 3 to 4 hours with you to share the entire process. You’re welcome to participate ‘hands on’ if you like.

Where does the balloon travel?

The pilot will chose the launch site each morning depending on the best conditions for flight. Once aloft we’ll travel with the different wind currents that exist at different altitudes, so the chase crew follows us in order to be there wherever we may land - which is often a bit of a surprise. Once landed, we’ll pack up the balloon and take the everyone back to the meeting site.

Are the balloons safe?

Very much so! There is virtually no sensation of movement or perception of height in a balloon. You don’t really feel the wind because you are moving with it. Because the balloon acts as its own parachute, it descends at a relatively slow rate of speed and we generally fly in very benevolent weather conditions which enables us a gentile landing.

What is your pilots experience and history?

Our pilot-instructors are among of the most skilled professionals in the region and we have up to  40 years background specifically flying passengers in hot air balloons. This company is originally based in Sonoma  and enjoys an excellent safety record plus a reputation for providing a consistently high quality of customer service. We pride ourselves in giving our guests the kind of personalized attention that we would expect ourselves. Considering that this is probably your first balloon flight, you can look forward to your pilot being directly in contact with you, from the confirmation call in the morning to saying farewell and thanking you upon your departure.