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There is nothing more spectacular than floating gently over the rolling vineyards and viewing the exquisite landscape on the ‘ocean side’ of the wine growing region of Sonoma and Hidden Valley. What makes this area so perfect for ballooning is its diversity.

On clear days you can see the Pacific Coast and all the way down to San Francisco Bay. The Russian River flows below and the giant Redwood trees and steaming geysers are often visible in the distance.

People often don’t even realize they have lifted off the ground - there is no sensation of motion and little wind, because balloons travel with the gentle currents that layer the sky. People experience no fear of heights because you have no visible connection with the ground.


Flying With Us

Your Flight

3 to 4 hour personalized hot air ballooning experience - celebrated by a toast of champagne with your pilot.

Once the pilot confirms your flight, that morning we’ll meet you at the Starbucks located just north of Santa Rosa, 50 miles north of S.F.

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We fly 7 days per week, weather permitting, beginning at 6:00 - 7:00 AM, when the wind currents are most gentle.

Please do not purchase anything online before confirming available dates first!

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